Building & Inspection Services

Below are our most commonly requested documents:
The Building and Inspection Services Division is responsible for ensuring that township standards for local building codes, ordinances, and construction are met. The division also issues multiple fence, pool, plumbing, mechanical, compliance, electrical, and other miscellaneous permits.

Building and Inspection Services hosts the very popular Home Improvement Expo each year during the first weekend in March. For more information call 734/394-5200.

Obtaining a Permit
Many home improvements require a building permit (PDF) from Canton's Building and Inspection Services Division. Before making any additions or improvements to property in the township, it is important to check if any permits are required for the project. The Master Deed or Covenants and Restrictions should also be checked, as there may be some restrictions that apply for a particular development.

Many homeowners' associations may also have an Architectural Review Committee that serves as the review board for any projects that affect the property. This committee usually requires a sketch of proposed projects for their review. Once they grant approval the approved drawing with signature(s) need to be brought to the Building and Inspection Services Division to accompany the permit application.

The following are select Building and Inspection Services permit applications that are available online. Please bring the completed application to the Building and Inspection Services Division.