Road Construction

Canton Center closed north of Geddes

Canton Center Road will close north of Geddes beginning Saturday, September 9, and will remain closed for approximately four weeks. Motorists traveling southbound on Canton Center will not be able to turn on to Geddes Road. However, Geddes Road will remain open to east/west traffic.

Additionally, Canton Center at Hanford, west of Canton Center will be closed for patching starting Monday, September 18, and will remain closed for about one week.

Road & Highway Maintenance

State law specifies that cities, villages, counties, and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) have jurisdiction over public roads. These agencies are responsible for constructing and maintaining the public roads that fall under their jurisdiction. They also carry the legal liability for the roads and funding for roads is provided by the state legislature only to these agencies.

Did you know that because Canton is a township and not a city, it is not responsible for any of the 410 miles of road in the community? In Canton, 5 percent of the roads are owned by the State, 65 percent are owned by the county, and the remaining 30 percent are owned by private Homeowner Associations. Residential streets are built by developers and paid for by homeowners as part of the cost of their homes. Therefore the cost of paving or resurfacing private roads is generally the property owner's responsibility.

Canton's Engineering Services Division works closely with Wayne county and MDOT to improve our road system. For more information on road projects in Canton call Engineering Services at 734/394-5150.

Road Committee Task Force

In 2017 Roads Committee Task Force was formed to develop a list of needed repairs and potential options to pay for it.

The goal of the task force is to prioritize a list of road needs and ways to address it.  A kick off meeting was held August 29 involving the state of Michigan, Wayne County, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and Canton officials.

To view a presentation on the 2017 Roads Study Session click here.

Report Hazardous Road Conditions

To report hazardous road conditions please contact Wayne county at 888/ROAD-CREW. You may contact this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please reserve calls for hazardous conditions only such as large potholes, malfunction traffic signals, or flooded roads.  Residents may also report a hazardous condition on-line by clicking here. The link can also be used to track your reported issue.