Criminal Investigations

The Canton Police Department's Detective Bureau is currently staffed with eight detectives dedicated to investigating crimes occurring in Canton.  Detectives follow-up on leads, interview victims, suspects and witnesses, gather evidence, and submit cases to either the local or Wayne County Prosecutor's Office.  When charges are filed, they also testify during the court proceedings.    

Detectives investigative work is supplemented by the services provided by the special units listed below.  
  1. Accident Investigation Team

    The team is most commonly used to investigate fatal accidents and accidents involving life-threatening injuries.

  2. Crime Data Analysis

    Canton Police Department utilizes the benefits of crime data analysis to enhance crime fighting efforts for patrol officers and detectives.

  3. Consortiums

    The consortium concept was developed as a means to provide investigative resources to local departments who cannot afford to staff and equip stand-alone units within their own agencies.