Age and Height Guidelines

Facility Usage
  • Children age 11 and under must be accompanied by an adult/guardian (18 and over) to enter the Summit on the Park.
  • Students age 12 and older do not require an adult/guardian to enter; however, their parent or guardian must complete an information card prior to their child using the facility for the first time. Summit on the Park strongly recommends that an adult/guardian escort their student into the facility to ensure that the desired activity is available. (See rules for a specific area’s age requirement for use.)
  • Student/Children must use the appropriate gender locker rooms regardless of age or use the special accommodations locker rooms. Student/Children 13 and under are not allowed in the fitness locker rooms.
Aquatic Center
  • Student/Children age 17 and under are not permitted in the Sauna and Steam Room.
  • Student/Children age 15 and under are not permitted in the Therapy Pool.
  • Children must be at least 42” in height to use the water slide.
  • Children between 42-48” tall must wear a lifejacket or pass the swim test to ride the water slide.
  • All student/children under the age of 12 must pass a swim test to be in the water unaccompanied by an adult. If your child cannot pass the swim test, a parent or guardian must be in the water directly supervising their child from no more than 10 feet away. This includes all pools and the river. Swim test requirements: swimming 25 yards and treading water for one minute.
Fitness Classes
  • Students age 14-17 are allowed in the fitness center or in a fitness class alone after completing a facility orientation and parental consent form is completed. 
  • Students age 12-13 can participate in fitness class or the fitness center with an actively involved parent. Age guidelines insure that the users of the room are mature enough to recognize the potential dangers of misuse and that there is a level of courteous behavior that creates the atmosphere guests desire for physical workout. 
Kids Corner
  • Children 3 months to 11 years old may use Kids Corner for a maximum of two hours at a time.