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2013 Public Art
Ford Road Exhibition

Finding your way around Ford Road is alot easier, thanks to the wayfinding system established by the Canton Downtown Develpment Authority.

A series of color-coded banners can be found on the street lamps that provide a visual reference to the colored blocks along Ford Road.

The artwork currently on display can be located along Ford Road using the color-block identifier included with each artwork piece described below.


  • Gong Pyramid
    Green Block, Canton Cinema
  • Big Blue X
    Orange Block, Home Depot
  • Morning Glory Whisper Bench
    Purple Block, Family Christian Books - New Towne Plaza
  • Vincent's Passion
    Green Block, Canton Cinema
  • Phoenix
    Red Block, Griffin Funeral Home
  • Passage
    Green Block, Firestone
  • American Rustic
    Blue Block, Willow Creek Plaza
  • Sugar
    Green Block, Target
  • Dance of Bliss
    Blue Block, Willow Creek Plaza
  • El Fishbird
    Green Block, Target

Gong Pyramid

Displayed in Green Block, Canton Cinema

Artist: Beau Bilenki, London, Ontario Canada
Materials: Ceramic Title and Plate Mirror with Stainless Steel Gong and Clapper
Price: $15,000.00
Dimensions: 12' x 4' x 4'

Bilenki is a founding member of Fire Arts and a volunteer at the South Bend Museum of Art. He has spent his life creating artwork in the mediums of silkscreen printing, painting, and pottery - with an emphasis on the Japanese Raku techniques. In recent years, he has turned his passion to creating cement, steel with mirror and lath sculptures that are abstract in design. He has won many awards over the years in the field of art of which he is so passionate about; as well as being involved with many charity affairs as a donor of said art. He was the first sculptor in the history of the well known organization, NIA, to receive the Bea Zimmerman Award for Sculpture.

Bilenki adds his own thoughts: "Having been influenced by the artists, Michael Quintero and Lynn Olson, my current work consists of welded steel rebar geometric forms covered with a galvanized steel lath covered with concrete. With this concept, I can be a sculptor in the mechanics of welding the frames and a painter in the application of the surface. These materials and techniques require the use of more elaborate, important armatures to build large scale outdoor works that are structurally sound, weather-proof and light in weight relative to their scale."


Big Blue X

Displayed in Orange Block, Home Depot

Artist: Brian Ferriby; Farmington Hills, MI
Materials: Painted Steel
Price: $10,000.00
Dimensions: 10.5' x 12' x 4'

Artist Profile: Ferriby is a professional sculptor and arts educator. He is a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, and the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He teaches art and design courses at the Art Institute of Michigan in Novi, where he is currently the Faculty Lead for Art Foundations.

"I fabricate sculptural constructions because it is the synthesis of my passions. The forms are the integration of architecture, music, and nature. My method is not to imitate nature. It is conceived as a parallel structural creative process. Insight gained during the creation of each work provides the inspiration for the next. I continue to search for expressive relationships as of yet unexplored. I work with the materials, history, and geography of the Midwest, while seeking to communicate universal themes through these explorations. The meaning of the work is inherent in the physical properties and formal relationships experienced by the individual encountering it."

Morning Glory Whisper Bench

Displayed in Purple Block, Family Christian Books -
New Towne Plaza

Artist: Jim Gallucci; Greensboro, NC
Materials: Powder Coated Steel
Price: $12,000.00
Dimensions: 5' x 10' x 4'

Gallucci, a graduate of LeMoyne College and Syracuse University, has been a sculptor for over 30 years. He has worked as an art instructor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and the University of Alabama at Huntsville. He was also an Exhibit Designer for the North Carolina Zoological Park in Asheboro, NC. Presently, Jim works full time designing and fabricating sculpture in his Greensboro studio assisted by a staff of 6. Most of the works are commissions for public, corporate, and residential spaces around the country.

"I use the format of gates, doorways and benches in my sculpture in order to give the public access to my art. This interaction is an 'entry' for the public to embrace art. My benches are publicly placed objects that invite interaction with the passer-by. The benches are playful objects that invite the public to sit and talk with a friend. Though each can function as a seat, there is an impracticality of form that lures people to explore each bench and try to discover what they are about."

He believes that good art challenges us, makes us feel righteous, moves us, soothes us, heals and brings us peace. Gallucci's work has made appearances in Ford Road's Annual Public Art Exhibition in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Vincent's Passion

Displayed in Green Block, Canton Cinema

Piece: Vincent's Passion
Artist: Douglas M. Gruizenga; Interlochen, MI
Price: $18,000.00
Dimensions: 7' x 7' x 7'

Gruizenga has been a high school art instructor, industrial clay modeler, architectural draftsman, industrial welder, master carpenter at Interlochen Center for the Arts Theatre Department and a sculptor.

He says of his work, "Every viewer brings with them, individual experience and understanding. It is my hope that my sculpture will be pleasing to the eye, without limiting the observer's creative ability to interpret the subject matter involved.

It is an honor to have even one person take the time to view an object that I have created. It is amazing to think that an indelible image of that event is recorded forever in their mind."


Displayed in Red Block, Griffin Funeral Home

Artist: James Havens; Woodville, OH
Materials: Welded Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Rubber and Steel Wheels
Price: $15,000.00
Dimensions: 9'8" x 13'10" x 7'6"

Havens is an instructor at Owens Community College. He creates his work with the artistic philosophy that "less is more". His sculptures are meant to stand alone with minimal explanation.

"I intend that my sculptures should contain enough information that the viewer is not confused or mystified by the artist's intent. I wish to be considered a good journeyman Ironworker who demonstrates a high degree of craftsmanship while using only the best materials to create enduring sculptures that speak to the highest aspirations of the human spirit."

Havens piece "Joyful Dancer" was featured along Ford Road and then purchased, it now sits in front of Canton's Village Theater at Cherry Hill.


Displayed in Green Block, Firestone

Artist: Ray Katz; Pontiac, MI
Materials: Painted Steel
Location: Green Block, Firestone
Price: $20,000.00

Katz is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University where he received his Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts. He continued his education at Wayne State University where he received his Master of Fine Arts degree in sculpture and drawing. Currently he is a Professor of Art at the Auburn Hills, Michigan, campus of Oakland Community College where he teaches sculpture, drawing and design.

In the past fifteen years Katz has exhibited in Japan, France, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New Jersey and throughout southern and western Michigan. His work is represented in private, corporate and institutional collections.

"I have worked in many mediums but metal remains my passion. Metal is best suited for my work because of its strength, malleability and inherent beauty. I combine geometric and organic elements to create compositions that convey the implied energy found in my work. I use the abstract manipulation of form and shape in space to create visual balance, using rhythm, action and movement. The implied energy of my compositional; structures has become a hallmark of my work and is a metaphor for an evolutionary process that I associate with human experience. Through the creative process a hierarchy of elements become symbols for ideas that are a tribute to the evolutionary experience we all share in common on the human plane and in the transcendent experiences inherent in life's journey."

American Rustic

Displayed in Blue Block, Willow Creek Plaza

Artist: Todd Kime; Ottawa Hills, OH
Price: $6,000/$6,000
Dimensions: 2' x 4' x 7' / 2' x 4' x 7'

Todd Kime has been featured in Ford Road's Annual Public Art Exhibition prior to 2013.

Currently enrolled in the artistic welding curriculum at Owens Community College, Kime shares, "From architecture to art, a passion for the creative process drives my work. Using a wide spectrum of materials in various genres of art, I create art for other's enjoyment. A sense of whimsy is always prevalent in my work. Art allows me to share my passion."


Displayed in the Green Block, Target

Artist:James Oleson; Brooksville, FL
Location:Green Block, Target
Price: $17,000.00

Oleson is a graduate of the National Education Center and teaches at the Industrial Arts Center in Gulfport, Florida.

According to Oleson, "The art of sculpture is to take something considered to be useless or broken and give it a new life and a chance to be a part of something bigger than it ever was. I take an inanimate congregation of objects and put them together in a way that gives them an actual presence that you can feel and touch. Not only can you touch these inanimate objects but they can touch you back. To make an inanimate object touch, feel and speak is a gift that has been given to me."

Dance of Bliss

Displayed in Blue Block, Willow Creek Plaza

Artist: Mike Sohikian; Williamsburg, VA
Materials: Steel and Concrete
Price: $7,800.00
Dimensions: 6' x 4'6"

Mike Sohikian, a retired ironworker has been a member of the Bridge and Structural Ironworkers Local 55 for 37 years. He has had a lifetime of love and appreciation for art, but didn't begin his art career until 1995. Since then he has garnered acclaim and numerous prestigious awards and recognition for his paintings and sculptures.

Sohikian is best known for taking salvaged steel to new heights with impressive and innovative concepts. He assembles industrial materials as well as reworks the materials into fascinating forms.

Within the past thirteen years his paintings and sculpture work has been published in news articles and numerous art publications, most noteworthy is inclusion of his work in four of Schiffer Publishing Collectors Editions, most recently The Sculpture Reference (Illustrated) by Arthur Williams, 2005. His paintings and sculptures are in over 400 art collections nationwide.

El Fishbird

Displayed in Green Block, Target

Artist: Kenneth M. Thompson; Blissfield, MI
Materials: Corten steel and stainless steel
Price: $11,500.00
Dimensions: 11'0 x 5'0 x 2'0

Image of Kenneth Thompson Sculpture El-FishbirdThompson holds a Master of Liberal Studies in Sculpture from the University of Toledo and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and printmaking from Siena Hieghts College.

Ken has been making sculpture for over thirty years out of his car dealership turned studio. From this facility he and his assistants also operate Flatlanders Sculpture Supply & Art Galleries and the Midwest Sculpture Initiative.

Ken is well versed in bronze casting and metal fabrication but prefers stone carving. In addition to his notable large scale sculpture and commissions of the last fifteen years, he enjoys doing smaller scale work for gallery exhibitions.

He has twenty one-person shows, numerous group exhibitions and many awards to his credit.

"I see each new work as a 'clean sheet of paper' that presents new opportunities to discover sculptural solutions. Beyond content and my sense of aesthetics, my sculpture concentrates on the fundamental issues of form and how negative space defines it."