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Why Canton?
Because .. it's a great place to do business!

Thank you for considering Canton as home for your business.

Canton's businesses and their employees play an important role in our growing community. We proudly boast a balanced mix of commercial and retail, industrial, research office and residential uses. Working together, we make up the community of Canton.

As a new business, many of your initial contacts will be with the Canton Municipal Services Department, which includes the divisions of Planning Services, Building and Inspection Services, and Public Works. Staff will work closely with you to help develop an understanding of various requirements for your business.

Economic development for Canton is coordinated through the Supervisor's Office, where information can be obtained about demographics and the community. The Planning Services Division also has important information regarding locating a business in Canton.

Another important stop will be at the Canton Chamber of Commerce, a vital organization that can help you network with other business professionals as you learn about the community. You will likely visit all of us as you prepare to open your business here.

Leasing a space?

See Planning Services to acquire and submit an "Application for Certificate of Zoning Compliance," so you are sure the location is suitable for your business, a fee is required.

Next, if the application has been approved and you are not remodeling, you will need to follow the procedure for occupancy/re-occupancy of a commercial/ industrial/office space (with no interior work being done). This includes completing a Building Permit Application for a Certificate of Occupancy, and scheduling fire and building inspections.

If you will be doing some remodeling to the lease space, you need to apply for: an Interior Finish Construction Permit (which discusses submittal of sealed architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans); approvals by Public Safety, Public Works, Planning and Building; permits and inspections, and a Certificate of Occupancy.

Planning Services has a handout on "Certificate of Compliance," which explains in more detail the procedures and fees involved.

Constructing a new building or altering an existing one?

Contact an architect or engineer regarding preparation of the required drawings.

See Planning Services for a Site Plan Review Application, and submit this with a site plan, a fee is required. Obtain an Application for Review of Plans from Public Works. A fee is required.

You may also need a Special Land Use Approval. The application has information regarding the procedures and fees. Once planning approvals are in place, contact Public Works and Building and Inspections Services for further plan processing.

Business Relocation Tips

  • Be Aware: If you choose to rent office or business space, don’t forget to clarify which items are, or are not, included in your lease agreement.

    As a tenant, you may need to follow through with some municipal steps, including zoning approval, if the building owner does not do this for you. Please check with the Planning Services Division.
  • Make it easy: Try to gain insight from design professionals who have dealt with Canton on previous projects. They will be aware of township policies and laws, and will make the new business process flow smoothly.
  • Stay informed: Canton's zoning, sign ordinances and other information are available for the asking at a minimal cost. We suggest that you and your design professionals become familiar with information necessary for your business. Please check with the Planning Services Division for more information.
  • Please call: Don't be hesitant to ask questions. Every community is different in its approach to zoning codes, permits, procedures and the steps necessary to setting up a business. The Canton staff is available to answer any questions you have about locating your business here.
  • Consider Canton: Considering moving your industrial business here? An administrative review process is used in Canton, offering a large time-savings for business owners.
  • Stay in touch: Each time your building use or tenant changes, Canton issues a "Certificate of Compliance." We track business locations and uses for many reasons, most importantly for safety in case of fire or other emergencies, and for zoning compliance. After the Certificate of Compliance is approved by Planning Services, an application for a Certificate of Occupancy must be submitted to Building Services.
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