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1. My garbage wasn't picked up, what happened?
2. How is Canton’s trash hauler selected?
3. What trash services are offered at the curb?
4. How can I get / replace a recycling bin?
5. What is the solid waste collection fee for Canton residents and when is it billed?
6. What services are offered at the GFL Environmental USA Inc. Yard?
7. How much trash do Canton residents produce yearly?
8. Why doesn’t Canton pay for disposal of trash?
9. What are the 5 or 10 most important guidelines to be followed?
10. Who do I call if I have a concern regarding trash service?
11. Why am I being charged a fee for solid waste collection?
12. How long will the current solid waste collection rates be in effect and will it change annually?
13. Is there a solid waste collection fee discount available for senior citizens?
14. What's included in the annual solid waste collection fee?
15. How is the solid waste collection fee calculated?
16. What legal basis allows Canton to charge for solid waste collection service?