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Our Environmental Committment

In 2006 Canton Township took a proactive approach to environmental stewardship with the creation of an Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC). The ESC is composed of staff members from Municipal Services, Finance & Budget and Leisure Services Departments.

While Canton has always been committed to using programs of sound resource management that benefit the community, the ESC was created to educate the community on our practices as well as motivate residents into environmental awareness.

Here’s What Canton Does!

Environmental grounds maintenance

At all township parks and golf courses slow release fertilizers are used to prevent chemicals from runoff and leaching into nearby ponds and streams. Parks staff does not collect mowed grass clippings on township property. Instead all clippings are left on the ground which provides nutrients back to the soil instead of putting the clippings in a landfill.

Preservation and enhancement of wetlands and aquatic habitats

Canton works hard to protect these areas through wetland plantings and providing buffer zones or no-mow areas adjacent to ponds and steams. Creating a buffer zone around the water edges not only helps to prevent fertilizer from entering the water, but also provides habitat for frogs, toads, and many bird species.

Here’s What You Can Do!

Everyone can play a role in sustaining natural resources and our environment for future generations by ensuring that your activities and household operations are environmentally responsible.

  • Use natural resources responsibly: Conserve resources such as water, minerals and wood by using them efficiently and recycling when appropriate. Protect any wildlife habitats around your home.
  • Reduce waste generation: Use less toxic materials to limit the amount of hazardous wastes produced.
  • Become involved in your community: Participate in many of the programs Canton currently offers such as, River Day, Hazardous Waste Round-up, neighborhood clean ups, curbside recycling, and more.
Office waste recycling program

Recycling bins are placed thought out the township building to encourage staff to recycle. In addition Canton implemented paperless board packets in 2005. This innovation takes all paper agenda items and respective background materials and information and provides it electronically, eliminating paper use.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Canton’s Parks and Facilities Maintenance Division practices IPM at all Leisure Service Facilities. IPM is the coordinated use of pest and environmental information along with available pest control methods to prevent unacceptable levels of pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.

Curbside Recycling

In cooperation with Canton Waste Recycling (CWR), every resident in Canton has the opportunity to recycle clean cans, newsprint, brown and clear glass, and plastic.

Annual Hazardous Waste Round Up

This event is held every year on the first Saturday in September after Labor Day, at the DPW facility. This event provides an excellent opportunity to make your home and environment safe by properly disposing of waste that is considered toxic, flammable or corrosive. For more information or to obtain a detailed list of what is and is not acceptable contact Public Works at 734/394-5150.

River Day

This is an annual event is held every year on the first Saturday in June. Volunteers assist in cleaning Rouge River banks, labeling storm drains, removing invasive plant species, and planning native plant plugs, shrubs and trees. For more information contact Public Works at 734/394-5150.

Educational Programs

Canton offers many educational programs by partnering with organizations such as the Alliance of Rouge Communities (ARC) to help improve the quality of the Rouge River and the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) in a campaign to protect water resources through continued awareness, knowledge and action.

Leisure Services also incorporates environmental education in many of its programs, especially those geared toward children, by having speaker from Wayne County talk to kids about topics such as the Rouge River watershed and native animals.

Cranbrook also comes in to host on-site field trips where they bring live bats and discuss the many ways in which bats are helpful. Additional educational programs include; frog and toad workshops, benthic macro-invertebrate studies, recycling programs with 72 week day camp, and weekly environmental theme craft projects as part of the 21 site supervised playground program in the summer.

Other programs offered by Canton include

Annual neighborhood clean-ups, pet waste disposal stations in township parks, the street sweeping program, mulching leaves in the fall, recycling used motor oil from township vehicles, using wetting agents during irrigation to provide water conservation, and providing environmental educational brochures on the township website and in the informational racks located in the township administration building.

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