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50400 Cherry Hill Rd.
Canton, MI 48187
Ph: 734/394-5300
or 734/394-5460


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Art Exhibitions Now on Display


Gallery Hours:

Free and open to the public (except major holidays)
Monday - Friday, 10am-2pm, during any public performance and by appointment, 734/394-5300 x8


Featured Artist of the Month
"Beauty Beyond Nature"
April 1 - 30, 2014

This month, the Village Theater at Cherry Hill features glass orbs and columns created by Paul Stankard, an internationally revered glass artist, currently on loan from the Robert M. Minkoff Foundation. Also sharing their life work and experiences throughout the month will be photographic artists: Ron Farina of New Jersey, Dennis Krukowski of New York, Bernie Meyers of Utah, Dave Chmielewski of California and Ron DePentu of Canton, MI.

Glass Artist's Bio:
Paul Stankard was trained in scientific glassblowing and worked in industrial scientific glass during most of the 1960s. Challenged by an inner sense of creativity and the need to establish his creative independence, he started making paperweights in the early 1970s. Attracted to the emerging studio glass movement, recognized as a maker of fine paperweights, and driven by an intense and incessant pursuit of excellence, Stankard was - by the 1980s - regarded as a highly accomplished glass artist and a member of the pioneering generation of glass artists in America. Born in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, Stankard and his family currently reside in Mantua, New Jersey.

Photographic Artists' Bios:
Ron Farina has operated a commercial photography studio in the Delaware Valley since the summer of 1990. He began his studies in photography in 1968 and has an 18 year career background in radio and television broadcasting in Syracuse, NY with the ABC affiliate WSYR-TV. His studio currently offers digital video production as well as still photography. Farina most recently published the artistry of Paul Stankard's works in glass in "Beauty Beyond Nature: The Glass Art of Paul Stankard," which was commissioned by the Robert M. Minkoff Foundation. Farina and his family are currently based in his home town of Wenonah, New Jersey.

Dennis Krukowski developed his photography talents as a student of Rochester Institute of Technology, where he received a B.S. Degree. He began professionally photographing interiors of homes in 1980 and was selected to photograph the White House Christmas trees during President Clinton's last Christmas in office. As a result of this project, Krukowski published "O Christmas Tree" in 1989. Since then, he has traveled the world photographing home interiors and lifestyles. Krukowski and his family currently reside in New York.

Bernie Meyers is a contemporary artist and fine art photographer recognized internationally as a master printer, artist, photographer and teacher. His passion for gardens and greenhouses is visualized in his unique images, "Light Structure" that combine man-made structure and screens with organic flora. After earning a Master of Fine Arts degree at Rochester Institute of Technology in traditional etching and stone lithography and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in photography as a fine art, Meyers taught art and photography at the University of New England and the University of Southern Maine, the Maine Media Workshops and currently at the Waterford School in Utah.

Dave Chmielewski has been creating conceptual photographs for over 36 years. During those years his conceptual imagery has been used to introduce new products by many Hi Tech companies in the Silicon Valley. A pioneer in digital photography since 1992, Chmielewski was one of the first photographers in Silicon Valley to embrace "pixels" and end the affair with film. Today, Chmielewski is involved in the operations of ArtPress, but his energy is mainly focused on creating new imagery. Chmielewski sees his work as an extension of the former surrealist painters and believes that they would have been experimenting with these processes if they were here today.

Ron DePentu has constantly been involved with the investigation and utilization of the appearance of depth and motion on a two dimensional surface that gradually progressed to the actual penetration, raising, bending, and building up of material. In the production of art, he describes himself as having eclectic tendencies resulting from there being a wide latitude of expression today both in the visual and performing arts. Ron DePentu's works are in private collections in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, California, and Washington. Ron and his family currently reside in Canton, MI.

JBWood Glass Sculpture Solo Exhibition Through May 2014

What could be better than live theater and sculpture?

Attend a Village Theater production and see the glass works of JBWood on semi-permanent display until May 2014.

Be sure to gaze at the 130 piece "Blue Dragonfly Chandelier" (right) hanging in the entrance of the theater lobby. Also included are four major glass sculptures.

Here's your chance to patronize the arts on a two-for-one basis - theater and sculpture!

To learn more about works of JBWood, please visit:

"The best glass sculpture has at least three elements – great color, interesting form, and a background narrative for the piece and its creation that gives depth to the viewing experience."
Artist John B. Wood

The Gallery @VT
2014 Exhibitions

  • January: Art & Invention: The Sculpture of Doug Cannell
  • February: African American History
  • March: Reckless Prophets
  • April: Ron Farina and Paul Stankard
  • May: Collective Reading " Works on Paper and Beyond"
  • June: Kristin Adamcyzk
  • July: Jan Brown and Dr. Alex Domin
  • August: TBA
  • September: Kate Paul
  • October: 22nd Annual Fine Arts Exhibition
  • November: Canton Historical Society
  • December: Ann Arbor Fiber Arts Guild
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