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Featured Artist of the Month
"Fauna, Forest, Flora, Ferrum"
August 1 - 28, 2014

Four Artists

Fauna, Forest, Flora, Ferrum

The Gallery @VT August exhibition is now in full swing. Tim Marsh, Kim Ensch, Brooke Monette, and Maria Oliva Tyra will be featuring work in an exhibit celebrating the diverse forms in our world, exploring the connections among living things, and inanimate objects.

We know what connects Flora and Fauna, and it's not difficult to notice their association with the Forest. But what is Ferrum? What is that about? Ferrum is Latin for iron, which is one of the building blocks of life. It's an element that connects living things to metals and machines. It's in metal alloys. It's in the soil. It's in leaves and stems, and it's in our blood. Perhaps we can think of it as a fragmented machine that animates us all. Is that the part of us that is always drawn, like a magnet, back to nature?

Tim Marsh, educates the viewer about the natural world through incredible paintings which depict a specific environment showcasing its balance of life. Using a vivid color palette along with bold shapes, patterns, and expressive life forms, his hope is that the viewer will not only gain enjoyment but also a reinforced value for all living things.

Mr. Marsh has created this group show with 3 fellow artists. Kim Ensch, Brooke Monette, and Maria Tyra, along with Tim, will transform the VT Gallery into a lush, colorful world of natural beauty.

Kim Ensch has long been fascinated with symbolism in art. Using symbols to suggest or represent her observations or concepts visually is so much more fun and expressive than creating them literally.

For this exhibition Kim has selected several of her glued paper collages from the series of work titled, "See Through To The Other Side". This series is about understanding both sides of the story or the coin you covet or the choice you make.

Their literal subject matter… forest, landscape, woods, sky...

Their symbolic subject matter… is about an inward journey one of hope and possibilities… to seek out something greater than self… to find awareness… to understand that you are a part of everything you have touched… to know this journey does not end here...

As the daughter of renowned knife maker Brian Harrison and celebrated fiber artist, Ana Harrison, Brooke Monette carries on the creative tradition. Brooke revels in forging her own path through the jungle of methods and techniques, and prefers the freedom of self-discovery to formal instruction. She has been exhibiting her work since 2002, and is a member of the Guild of Artists and Artisans, Ann Arbor Women Artists, and 555 Gallery and Studios, where she volunteers as a curator.

Brooke works from photographs of various plant species, and builds the plants into nebulous, ethereal dreamscapes, using various fine brushes. The overwhelming majority of the images from which she paints are photographs taken while visiting Matthaei Botanical Gardens, orchid shows, her own garden, and other similar sites. These works are done in oils on primed canvas. She uses traditional layering techniques, and scumbling to smooth my final layers, and small brushes for fine details. Her reverence for plant life demands that I depict each plant with anatomical accuracy.

Brooke of her works as a manner of introducing others to the vast diversity of plant species, and their roles in their respective ecosystems, as well as our lives. In order to focus the viewer's attention on plants as individuals, she removes each plant from its landscape, and places it in a world that evokes abstract thinking, and redefines imaginative boundaries.

Maria Olivia Tyra was born and raised in Clawson, Michigan. At four Maria told her parents that she was gong to be an artist when she grew up. She spent most of her youth creating and drawing. When she packed up and headed off to college she fully intended to realize that four year old's dream. Life, however, happens while you're making plans and the line from there to here was not a direct path.

Maria received an AA in illustration and an AA in advertising design form Oakland Community College but plans to move on to art school were derailed by marriage and motherhood. Divorce ushered in a whole new era. Back at school, Maria earned a BS in Elementary Education at Oakland University and, timing being everything, found herself promptly unemployed. So after a 13 year hiatus from art of any kind she turned back to her first She finally feels like she's come home.

Maria creates unique pen and ink drawings. Her subjects include florals, insects, birds, as well as other natural and some all too unnatural subjects. Maria draws purely from the subconscious. Guided by the muse, the art comes from the depths of her psyche and, as she says... "I'm too afraid to go poking around in there with a sharp stick, it just seems safer to just let it spill out onto paper as it sees fit." Currently what's spilling out is circles. All manner of circles...gears, wheels, buttons, rings and springs.....metal things sometimes wrapped in living biology. A juxtaposition of nature's creations with humanity's creations. The artwork that results are surreal still lifes with a steampunk influence which have been occasionally & aptly described as "elegantly demented."

The show will run August 1-28

The Gallery @VT
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