Canton strives to provide a sustainable, thriving and equitable community that benefits from and supports clean energy; preserves and responsibly uses the earth's resources; and cares for ecosystems.

In 2022, Canton was recognized by the statewide Michigan Green Communities program for environmental leadership. Canton achieved gold status for exemplary action in multiple categories, including: planning, economic development, land use, climate resilience, climate adaptation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, materials management (AKA recycling, composting, waste diversion), water conservation and protection, clean mobility, and community engagement.

The Michigan Green Communities (MGC) program is open to all local governments in Michigan, at no cost. MGC is a sustainability networking, benchmarking, and technical assistance program. It guides and supports communities in adapting to a changing climate, protecting infrastructure, improving the quality of life for residents, and creating a more environmentally and economically sustainable future for the state of Michigan.

The following is a list of actions Canton is working on to benchmark actives that create a more sustainable, equitable and prosperous future for residents, visitors and businesses.

  1. Sustainability Goals
  2. Waste and Recycling
  3. Energy Efficiency

Planning for Inclusive and Lasting Impacts

  1.  Mobility
  2. Land Use Preservation
  3. Water Quality