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Supervisor Graham-Hudak's recap of Canton's first Wayne County Vaccine Clinic

After a whirlwind week of activity, Canton Township is proud to say that we were able to facilitate 1000 area seniors’ vaccinations this week at the Summit on the Park, and an additional 250 at Schoolcraft College.

This pandemic has been a challenging time for all of us. It has strained our individual connection to each other and our community, and that was evident by the incredible phone calls we were able to have with our older residents on Monday. As we continue to register seniors for our appointment waitlist, we are happy to offer options for individuals who feel isolated and struggle with virtual technology offered by other options. We completely understand the frustration of some of those calling to make appointments. Not having an adequate supply of the vaccine, in our state and in our county, has made this process incredibly difficult for our seniors and their families.  The response that we received to our vaccine clinic was incredible with our call center receiving over 1,000,000 calls in one day.  It is our hope that the extraordinary response will make it possible for Wayne County to hold larger and more frequent clinics in the very near future. 

With 43 communities in Wayne County, we are grateful that Commissioner Melissa Daub was also able to secure the doses she did for her district of Canton, Plymouth Township and the City of Plymouth, with the assistance of Wayne County Executive Warren Evans. The planning between the communities this weekend was remarkable. One major challenge is that we have no control over how many vaccine doses will be offered or when they will be offered. But we will eagerly take whatever the County is able to provide, and do our very best to deliver that service to our residents.

Everyone wants to keep their loved ones safe, and the limited access to vaccinations has been challenging for all of us. We can celebrate the fact that at the end of the week, 1,250 more seniors have been vaccinated, and through cooperative efforts between Canton and Wayne County, we hope to vaccinate many more. Canton will always welcome any opportunity from the County or State for additional vaccination distribution.

We are also actively working with Wayne County, along with County Supervisors and Mayors to establish a main call-in-center to the County to assist residents in getting on waiting lists for local clinics via phone.  This will alleviate local municipalities from short- term burdens to our phone systems.  

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