Finance & Budget


1150 S. Canton Center Road
3rd Floor
Canton, MI 48188



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Office Hours
Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Clay, Sarah Accounting Manager 734/394-5230
Cox, Carolyn Budget, Benefits & Internal Audit Manager 734/394-5230
Craighead, Tracy Accounting Clerk III 734/394-5230
Crespo, Monica Finance Administrative Coordinator 734/394-5230
Fyfe, Anthony Accounting Clerk IV 734/394-5230
Janice, Deborah Cost Accountant 734/394-5230
Norscia, Denise Accountant 734/394-5230
Paval, Katelyn Finance Administrative Coordinator 734/394-5230
Sheppard, Michael Grants, CDBG and Procurement Supervisor 734/394-5230
Trumbull, Wendy Finance and Budget Director 734/394-5230