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Prime Times

Previously-Sent Messages

Subject Date Sent
Giving Tree, Candid Conversation, Trips and more with Canton Club 55+11/23/2021 2:27 PM
Giving Tuesday Opportunities To Help Support Canton Programs 202111/17/2021 12:43 PM
FREE Safe Sound Secure, Dancing, Trips and more with Canton Club 55+11/1/2021 9:52 AM
Flu & Vaccination Clinic, Dancing, Trips and more with Canton Club 55+10/5/2021 12:21 PM
Golf Outing, Painting, Dancing, Trips and more with Canton Club 55+9/2/2021 1:52 PM
BINGO, Make & Take Crafts, Golf Outing and more with Canton Club 55+8/2/2021 9:17 AM
Painting, Line Dancing, BINGO and more with Canton Club 55+6/29/2021 2:54 PM
Sun Catchers, Garden Lady Bugs, Line Dancing and more with Canton Club 55+5/3/2021 4:33 PM
Spring Crafts, BINGO, and more with Canton Club 55+4/7/2021 1:26 PM
St Patrick's Day & Spring Crafts, BINGO, and more with Canton Club 55+2/24/2021 2:41 PM
Valentine's Day Craft Projects, BINGO, and more with Canton Club 55+1/27/2021 5:14 PM
DIY Craft Projects, Parking Lot BINGO and more with Canton Club 55+12/31/2020 9:32 AM
Holiday Creative Arts, Parking Lot BINGO and more with Canton Club 55+11/30/2020 10:37 AM
Parking Lot BINGO and more with Canton Club 55+10/13/2020 11:17 AM
Canton Club 55+ Prime Times September edition8/31/2020 3:32 PM
Canton Club 55+ Wants to Hear From You!8/10/2020 7:44 AM
St. Pats Party, and more at Canton Club 55+2/28/2020 10:41 AM
Valentine's Celebration, and more at Canton Club 55+1/27/2020 5:18 PM
Try Something New for 2020, and more at Canton Club 55+1/9/2020 1:05 PM
Canton Club 55+ Holiday Celebrations and more!11/27/2019 12:48 PM
Summit on the Park Site Analysis Public Forum To Be Held November 19th11/8/2019 5:26 PM
Canton Club 55+ Intergenerational Programs and more!11/1/2019 2:00 PM
Last Room Available for Mackinac Grand Experience Oct. 13-1510/3/2019 3:26 PM
Prime Times: October 201910/1/2019 2:59 PM
Prime Times: September 20198/29/2019 10:01 AM
There's Still Time To Register for the Mackinac Grand Experience Oct. 13-158/22/2019 9:34 AM
Prime Times: August 20198/2/2019 1:59 PM
Prime Times: July 20197/12/2019 2:49 PM
Canton Liberty Fest 2018 Update6/13/2019 4:35 PM
Prime Times: June 20196/3/2019 10:02 AM
Prime Times: April 20194/2/2019 9:00 AM
Prime Times: March 20193/4/2019 4:34 PM
Prime Times: February 20192/7/2019 4:30 PM
Prime Times: January 201912/27/2018 11:41 AM
Prime Times: December 201812/6/2018 4:17 PM
Canton Township Senior Advisory Council Positions Now Available11/30/2018 11:04 AM
Prime Times: November 201811/2/2018 2:53 PM
Prime Times: October 201810/3/2018 10:57 AM
Prime Times: September 20189/14/2018 12:09 PM
Prime Times: August 20188/2/2018 9:55 AM
Prime Times: July 20187/11/2018 10:13 AM
Prime Times: June 20186/1/2018 10:22 AM
Prime Times: May 20184/24/2018 10:15 AM
Prime Times: April 20183/28/2018 10:29 AM
Prime Times: March 20183/9/2018 10:48 AM
Television Actor Ed Asner To Perform At The Village Theater This Saturday3/5/2018 4:13 PM
Prime Times: February 20182/7/2018 2:22 PM
Prime Times: December 201712/6/2017 2:36 PM
Prime Times: October 201710/2/2017 8:58 AM
Help Support Canton's Hands 4 Hurricanes Insect Repellent Drive9/21/2017 5:04 PM
Canton Township To Collect Insect Repellent For Hands 4 Hurricanes Drive9/14/2017 10:54 AM
Prime Times: August 20178/4/2017 10:02 AM
Prime Times: July 20177/6/2017 10:11 AM
Canton Liberty Fest 2017 Update6/14/2017 9:49 AM
Canton Club 55+ Singles Mixer - Friday, March 24th3/23/2017 3:57 PM